Healing Your Past, Present, and Future

Lisa Richard

Your Angelic Connection

I am a Spiritual Healer who wants to help you live better by healing your past, present, and future.
I am divinely guided in all aspects of my work to bring you messages in your highest and best interests.
My extensive training allows me provide you with a professional, personalized session to meet your spiritual needs.
  1. Healing & Reconnection
    Our past lives can affect who we are and how we live in this lifetime. Let's heal the things from your past that negatively affect you in this lifetime, and reconnect to the positive things that you have already learned to live better today.
  2. Home/Business Clearing
    A clearing is the act of making a space livable by removing the negative energy within it and the land. Then, bringing in divine loving light, the space is cleared and protected. A home clearing can change your everyday life, and all aspects within it. Everyone deserves a sacred place to live and work.
  3. Angel Readings
    What Divine Beings surround you? What is your life's purpose? Do you have questions about your life path? Angels can answer any question in your highest and best interests to offer you guidance on your journey.